P12: Simtejo, Saneamento Integrado dos Municípios do Tejo e Trancão, S.A.

Simtejo, Saneamento Integrado dos Municípios do Tejo e Trancão (STJ) is a leading company operating in the environmental sector in Portugal and its mission is to contribute to the pursuit of national objectives in the wastewater collection and treatment within a framework of economic, financial, technical, social and environmental sustainability.

STJ’s goal is to protect and value the natural and human environment: the activities of the company include collection, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial wastewater, including its recycling and reuse in an environmental safe manner. Sustainable use and preservation of natural resources, equilibrium and improvement of the quality of the environment, equity in access to public services and the promotion of well-being and people’s standards of living are fundamental values to STJ.

STJ now exploits a system that includes 29 WWTP, 74 pumping stations and 250 km of main sewage system, and treats around 118Mm3/yr, serving a population of 1,5 million inhabitants in the north area of Lisbon (served municipalities: Amadora, Lisboa, Loures, Odivelas, Mafra e Vila Franca de Xira). The final system (to be finished by 2013) will include 32 WWTP, 95 pumping stations and 339 km of collectors.


24 MARCH 2023