P13: Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, S.A.

EPAL is the largest water supply company in Portugal managing a production and transport system as well as the water distribution system within the City of Lisbon. EPAL supplies around one-third of the Portuguese population. One of the company’s principal functions is the supply of bulk water to municipalities covering 2.6 million people in the centre of the country.

The water supply system of EPAL consists of a Production and Transport System (PTS) and a Distribution System (DS). The PTS is responsible for the catchment, treatment and transport of the water necessary for the company’s customers and includes 2 surface sources, 1 spring source, 24 groundwater boreholes, around 700 km of pipelines, 2 treatment plants and 31 pumping stations.

The DS covers around 1.400 km, and includes 14 reservoirs, 10 pumping stations and 83.555 thousand connecting pipes providing the domestic supply of water over an area of 83 km², to a population of 564 thousand inhabitants.


24 MARCH 2023